Godsaga - Lyrics

Nights All Nine

Odin, father of the sky
Odin, god of those who died
Beneath the burning sun
All our oaths undone
Will you come?

Odin, on your throne up high
Odin, watching far and wide
Hanging nights all nine
Reveal the sacred signs
For our kind

Odin, guardian of the slain
Odin, shield us from our bane
The dark grows ever long
Guide our spirits strong
Hear our song

Midwinter Sacrifice

Broken king, no one sings, till the day you die,
Worthless breed, poisoned seed, of another’s lie
Bond of blood, now undone, as your spirit cries
Raven’s mead, Odin’s seed, on the sacred pyre

Hypnotized, by the lies, of the hollow priest
Fed your kin, for their sins, to the southern beast
Darken skies, unseen eyes, look towards the east
Spirit gone, by the dawn, as the ravens feast

Midwinter sacrifice!

Fallow fields, never yield, for the broken King
Barren womb, empty room, where no children sing
Harvest feast, wealth and peace, you will never bring
Frozen earth, shallow hearth, never see the Spring

Northern home, One-Eye’s throne, all that you defy
May the sun, burn your tongue, and your selfish lies
Bleeding King, fire’s ring, will consume your cries
Weak or strong, never long, till your body dies

Midwinter sacrifice!

Blood of the North

At the gates, of the One-Eye’s hall
Among the stars of the sky
To weave my wyrd in Midgard’s fate
To join the gods that never die

Nine worlds, are burning, my soul yearns, to breathe the fire
I won, the secret, and knowledge, of life eternal
Twilight, of mankind, the sun fails, and ends the wolf age
Fates know, the cycle, my kingdom, will live forever

I know that I hung, on that windy tree
Nights all nine, given to Odin, myself to myself
On that tree, of which no one knows
From what root it rises
— Havamal

My ship has sailed from northern shores
The dragon star to light my way
I am reborn, to live again
To forge my soul into a god

Fates wheel, is turning, my father, will guide my journey
I know, the secret, the knowledge, that burned with Baldur
Bloodline, of ancients, the AR-fire, burns deep within me
Now I, have returned, becoming, the Northern King again

Black Sun’s Bane

I am the one, who falls through time
Caught by the threads of my fate
I have fought with destiny and against it
Through my past and future selves
I reveal slowly the well of souls within
That fight as many and stand as one

The axis of being, the spear I’m pierced
Sacrificed, to myself, on that one tree
Ygg, the destroyer, and creator
Soul forged from the black iron
The doom that speaks my name
Fated son of black sun’s bane

Eternal Return

When the end of time breathes its last breath
And the world starts its cycle again
The eternal return of the sun
To forge the god soul of our kin

Becoming eternal sun, where the old runes will speak of my name
Never, shall become again,
When the final horn speaks, my doom shall be one with the stars

When the leaves fall and never return
And the sun and moon swallowed in spite
When Naglfar’s loosed from its moors
And Surt’s fire lights up the night

Becoming, eternal sun, where the old runes will speak of my name
Never, to be born again
My time here is done, my soul will be one with the stars

Sleep of the Sword

To ride out of Hel, and into the light
To feel its warmth, to see the sunrise
To die again, to ride with the gods
To fight alongside, the blood chosen ones

Together, the north star will steer our ship home to his hall
Ravens guide us home

This blood we are cursed, the god’s gift of life
The cycles we live, of fire and ice
The northern path calls, to those of the light
A journey of sorrows, of eternal strife

Together, the north star will steer our ship home to his hall
Ravens guide us home

I have crossed the path, of darkness and sorrow
The grief of my kin, sends me on my way
To face my destiny, to reveal the truth
That my soul will live, and never die

I fear not the end, left to die and to bleed
Lay a stone to my life, to speak of my deeds
My doom to return, my soul to await
The shield of my kin, the sword of our fate

Together, the north star will steer our ship home to his hall
Ravens guide us home


The spear-god shared
Spoil with me,
My oath was to Odin,
He gave me aid:
Now that maker of mystic
Runes only mocks me,
Voids all my victories,
That breaker of vows
I'll make offerings to Odin,
Though not in eagerness,

I'll make my soul's sacrifice,
Not suffer silently:
Though this friend has failed me,
Fellow of gods,
To his credit he comforts me
With compensation

That wolf-killer, that warrior
God, well seasoned in war
Bestowed a bounty
Not to be bettered:
To my art he added
One other gift,
A heart that held
Not craft only: hatred!

The end is all
Even now
High on the headland
Hel stands and waits,
Life fades, I must fall
And face my own end
Not in misery and morning,
But with a man's heart

— Egil’s Saga (translated by Herman Pálsson and Paul Edwards)


One-Eye you gave life to me
To betray me and take it away
Nine worlds will breathe with fire
When Odin calls my spirit home
To join his army of the slain
To ward the earth from Asgard’s bane

The fallen gods who came before
And left the earth in darkened skies
To hide the truth from northern kind
And spread the deadly southern lies
Many kingdoms rise and fall
While north star guides eternal night
To seed the next ones, future kin
To generations, northern light

My Father... My Father will take me away

One-Eye you gave song to me
You carried my children away
No man should see his children die
My legacy to burn with me
My words will last eternal suns
That gift at least had come from thee

The Southern ones who dwell in fire
Their dead tongues speak in woes and lies
Our children drown in seas of hate
Godsaga’s song must hear their cries
My tales and words eternal songs
In carved runes that will never die
Etched in stone to last forever
Raised again to distant skies

My Father... My Father will take me away

Distant Northern Shore

You called to me,
From a distant northern shore
The horn sounds from ancestral past

Far sailing, for many days
Yet I am no closer, than when I set sail
For what do I journey, where the seabirds mock me
Many blood-gifts I have dealt, to stay on my path
And the blood foams along my prow
The markings of victory and woe
And no ravens went hungry

The clouds smear the sun
And the nights grow cold
As that north star, circles above me
No help it gives, no ship it steers
And the other stars laugh at my grief

As my sea-steed breaks up beneath me
And my body cast to Aegir's wrath
I am pulled under, beneath icy waves
And meet my end, as One-Eye laughs

My life was struggle, but true
I do not spite, the gifts I received
The cycle of time returns again
For my end, is another beginning