(5/5) A SIG:AR:TYR full length album is always a pretty grand thing. His debut saw the listener embark on a cold, dark journey alongside an army of northern warriors. In 2008, Beyond The North Winds saw the band experiment with the more important use of distorted guitars and added soundscapes. The end result was another magnificent outing that didn’t have the same feeling of togetherness as the debut but was saved by the sheer quality of each song. Now after having his album to experiment go so well, you’d expect the next album, the one where he puts his experiments to proper use, to be breathtaking? And, you would be correct.
On Godsaga, Daemonskald has taken the best elements of both his full lengths and combined it into one powerload of an album. The album brings back the electric power found on Beyond the North Winds but while giving the feeling of a linear journey the same way the debut did. Everything feels like it was placed where it is for a reason, as a driving force, pushing the album forward with every song. The album goes through moments of triumph (Eternal Return) and moments of darkness (Blood Of The North, Sleep Of The Sword) without ever feeling like anything is out of place but rather like it is demonstrating a new aspect of its main theme (Odin’s sacrifice on the world tree of Yggdrasil).

The album opens up with what too many will probably disregard as a “cheesy viking” opening acoustic piece. Upon a first quick listen, one can easily think this due to the way it is sung almost like a prayer, asking for Odin to hear this song and come. But to me this brought back memories of the song Far Away, from the past album that I had unjustly disregarded as a cheesy ballad but took on a whole new meaning when I read the artist’s commentary on it and saw the thought and effort really put into it. Determined not to let this happen again, I did a bit of non extensive research and was able to spot many references to the album’s themes in this opener (the title itself referring to the nine days Odin spent hanging on the tree). This research also allowed me to spot references like these spread out all around and I am sure there are many more that I have yet to find. But it is through such research that one can see the true importance Daemonskald puts into his writing both lyrically and musically.

This passion can be felt all over the album. Whether it be the way everything feels like it has been systematically placed exactly where it should, the thought out lyrics or the raw emotion that can be felt in his vocals (the chorus of Godsaga is a perfect example of this at its peak), the album takes on a life of its own for its 55 minute play time. It does not give the impression of being another folk metal album but rather a true northern folk story played with modern instruments, a new type of folk music almost. A folk music where deep, distorted guitars are used to create the cold setting of the story, and details are thrown in the form of melodic leads (acoustic and electric). Where moments of hope can be represented with an acoustic guitar and moments of intensity made felt with the pounding of drums. This is the feeling given by Godsaga, a feeling that I, personally, have not seen done to this extent since Ulver’s Bergtatt or Bathory’s Hammerheart. For 55 minutes, the album brings Old Norse traditions to life and takes the listener on a trip like few albums nowadays manage to.

By combining all he has done so far in his career, Daemonskald has crafted a masterpiece of folk metal. An album that feels true to its roots and brings to life the grandeur and the darkness of ancient Norse mythology. This Canadian somehow finds more passion in Northern legends than any modern European band I have had the chance of hearing.
Simon Harris "Scream"- review from Sputnik Music

In the last decade Sig:Ar:Tyr has proven to be one of the finest purveyors of Norse mythological themed music around. Presenting a captivating blend of metal, folk, and ambient influences that weave into a seamless whole, they (or he, since Sig:Ar:Tyr is a one man project) have carved a strong following, and rightly so.
Enter new album Godsaga, full length number three for this classy and evocative outfit. Once again we find ourselves immersed in a winning formula of driving mid-pace blackened heavy metal, bucolic acoustic guitar-driven diversions, and stirring singing.

As with previous releases the album delves into synth-led ambient passages as freely as it does stomping metal anthems. Godsaga does not exactly re-invent the Sig:Ar:Tyr oeuvre, but rather represents the perfecting of an already masterful musical formula.

The music is more fully rounded than previous releases, with superior drum production, and more creative rhythm section arrangements. Its simple, solid song structures provide a sturdy foundation for a range of atmospheres, often eerie and dark, always touching on the horizon of the imaginal unknown.

As in previous releases, one of Sig:Ar:Tyr’s hallmarks is exquisitely technical guitar solos, both electric and acoustic. Sig:Ar:Tyr has always been touched by a neoclassical influence and this surfaces in some stunning fretwork.

Integrated beautifully into the alternately driving and dreamy music, these excursions into guitar heroics never devolve into self-indulgence but rather truly serve to advance and develop the narrative and spirit of each composition, which is in itself a great achievement!

Yet the things that keep one returning to this album are the memorable riffs and the shadow-soaked atmospheres. Sig:Ar:Tyr conjures a world of inky hues, where a storm always lurks on the horizon and the pre-dawn light is buried in impending doom. There are moments of tranquil relief threaded through the album, but on the whole it summons the spirit of northern winter, and does so with a richly realised sonic palette.

The album explores some dark themes – the deathly challenges of Odinic initiation, as well as motifs inspired by the life of the historical berserker, rune magician, and poet Egil Skallagrimson. Skallagrimson’s life was studded with loss and suffering, and the music and concepts of Godsaga reflect one another perfectly.
Sig:Ar:Tyr’s combination of metal, folk, and ambient influences gives it an appeal that draws in the listener regardless of their usual music genre preferences: Godsaga is a solid continuation of a legacy of music which really transcends conventional genre boundaries.

This album ultimately represents a refinement of what has come before rather than a significant development of Sig:Ar:Tyr’s sound – but honestly, with such a winning formula, who can complain about that? In a world of endless disposable “Viking metal” themed bands, Sig:Ar:Tyr are a much needed voice, and Godsaga is highly recommended for anyone who likes inspiring, mythic, and stirring Heathen music.
Review by Henry Lauer,
Hex Magazine

My first thoughts, when Godsaga came out earlier this year, were that I was afraid it wouldn’t be as good as the previous SIG:AR:TYR album, Beyond the North Winds (2008), which was a pretty solid folk/Viking metal album. After listening to Godsaga a few times, I can now say that my fears were completely unfounded: this new album is brilliant, it is not less good or as good as Beyond…, it is just better, period.
The album starts softly with Nights All Nine, setting in place the atmosphere that will accompany us throughout this album with the clean vocals, acoustic guitars, keyboards and percussions. The guitars, definitely the highlights on this album, bring forth a variety of melodies that alternate between acoustic and electric sounds, when not mixing both, to create some really epic riffs and song’s ambiances that make me feel part of something bigger than just a collection of songs: a tale of loss and sacrifice told in nine chapters.
Eternal Return is one of several songs from this album that serves as a great example of the guitars’ epicness on Godsaga: the slow beginning with acoustic guitars followed by a drum buildup that leads to a beautiful lead at 1:30 just gives me goose bumps! And what about the guitar solo around 6:00 into the song, it is so full of emotions, the melodies it creates are one of many factors which immersed me totally into the story on this album.
But that’s just one example; you will find the same kind of feelings in other songs such as Blood of the North, Sleep of the Sword and the title track Godsaga to name a few. This album is a series of different feelings and moods expressed through each song, where every instrument tells a part of the story in its own way. Daemonskald vocals’ style and tone also fits perfectly with the general songs ambiances.
SIG:AR:TYR has managed to create, again, something quite beautiful with this album. Beautiful is not a qualifier used often about a metal album, but in this case it fits perfectly. This album is a must have for anyone who like their metal epic and grand! If you have not yet listened to SIG:AR:TYR, I strongly suggest you do so now for the benefit of your ears!
Favorite songs: If I absolutely have to pick, Blood of the North, Eternal Return, Sonatorrek and Godsaga
Legion -
Metal Made in Canada

(5/5) It doesn't happen often but when I come across a disc that truly blows me away it is something to relish and believe me, I do! This is the case with the one man project from Canada called Sig:Ar:Tyr. The man goes by the name of Daemonskald and this is the third full length disc from him and I have to wonder how he has flown under the radar for this long. I have not had a chance to go back and hear his previous offerings but you can bet that everything in his catalog will be in my collection before too long. Described as pagan fork metal, this pigeon-holing of what he produces comes no where near describing the incredible array of musical genius that he shows on this latest release. While he may sing, or growl as the case might be, about the Northern European mythological deities, his music has a much broader geography. This is what sets his vision apart. It is no simple metal album but a complex and masterful work that captivates with his use of many styles and genres.

The first instrument you hear is an acoustic guitar. Then comes the vocals that sound otherworldly and almost like he is singing a prayer to Odin with this piece. Chant like and mesmerizing, this is the lull before the storm as Daemonskald tries to give you a false sense of security before unleashing the wrath of metal that is to follow. "Nights All Nine" lay the foundation for the mystical and enchanting ride that you are about to embark upon with your conductor Daemonskald leading the way.

When you reach the next destination "Midwinter Sacrifice" the terrific melody line that is highlighted by very powerful guitar work just sucks you in. Like a snake charmer this one has a Middle Eastern flavor to it that along with his very distinctive growl makes you feel as if you are the Thirteenth Warrior aboard the Viking ship. This is the type of music that Sig: Ar: Tyr brings to you. A blend of styles that give this disc an epic feel. It also keeps you thoroughly entertained with the power and majestic nature of the songs. Daemonskald also gives you some very dynamic instrumental moments on this album. "Black Sun's Bane" has lyrics in the accompanying booklet but is a terrific, moody, dark instrumental piece that uses acoustic guitar to give it a gothic feel along with a haunting choral background. It is just the perfect piece to go with your cup of tea or sacrificing small animals.

The centerpiece of the disc is the title track "Godsaga". Many have tried to capture the spirit of what is know as pagan/viking metal but few can truly pull it off. Sig: Ar: Tyr: defines the genre with this epic and grandiose statement. This is storytelling with a monstrous metal backdrop that is as good as it gets in this genre. When you have something of this magnitude it is almost overwhelming so be careful with the volume knob as this one tends to want to be played louder and louder each time it starts. I have found very few times when a song really gets into my psyche like this one does. It is one of those times when you stop whatever you are doing to listen. Music can be a powerful tool and Daemonskald proves to be a highly skilled mechanic with this amazing song. Not to say that the rest of the disc is anything but fantastic but this one does stand alone. It is worth the price of the album alone.

Like I say though, this is an album filled with masterful musicianship and a flair that will captivate any who listen. Daemonskald uses his vocal ability to punctuate each tale. From an almost whisper to a gut wrenching growl, he manages to bring to life the dark and mysterious world that he dwells in on this album. I can safely say that it would not be nearly as epic without his dynamic vocal delivery.

There is really little else I can say about this disc other than it should be required listening in Pagan Metal 101. He could write the text book on how it should be done and in fact, I think he has with this disc!
Scott Ward - Sea of Tranquility

The one man Canadian black/folk/viking metal band known as SIG:AR:TYR came out with a really great new album this year but did anyone hear it? (sounds of crickets chirping and wind whistling across the frozen wastelands). Sole band member Daemonskald (you think it says that on his drivers license?) has continued to refine his vision of epic, sweeping viking/black metal and here on album three, he seems to have hit the proverbial sweet spot.  There’s a near perfect combination between aggression and beauty on display here and the whole thing feels like an epic poem set to music. In fact, this is a concept album dealing with Odin and his trials and travails and the music is appropriately majestic, somber and powerful. As on the previous SIG:AR:TYR albums, there is a strong focus on acoustic guitar and folk styles but on Godsaga, there’s an increased heaviness and the distorted electric guitar is far more prevalent than before, making the music more powerful and compelling. Likewise, the vocals are split pretty evenly between hoarse black croaks and clean singing/chanting, both work very well and the mix feels just right. Every song is well constructed and well executed and all have a heartfelt, passionate and authentic  feel to them (“Sonatorrek” fast became my favorite instrumental moment of the year). There are a lot of varied atmospheres and moods across the nine tracks and this is a very impressive and expressive black/viking metal album.  Perfect album cover too!
If you like the sound and mood on Bathory’s Hammerheart or any of the Falkenbach albums, this will be a big win for you. It’s definitely one the metal gems of the year. Odin gave his freaking eye for you so the least you could do is check out this album you heathen bastards!
Angry Metal Guy blog

(4.5/5) The Viking metal scene has seen its share of bands perfecting that style of music, and one of those bands that can be mentioned as one of the very best is Falkenbach.  While the band hasn’t been active for a few years, their impact can be felt on quite a few bands.  One of those bands is Sig:Ar:Tyr.  Like Falkenbach, the one man project from Canada plays Viking metal that conjures up stories from years past.  Sig:Ar:Tyr’s latest album Godsaga is the third album, and it shows the willingness to liven things up a little without sacrificing too much in its sound.
The album begins with “Nights All Nine,” which is an acoustic intro that features some soothing vocals.  “Midwinter Sacrifice” is more of a mid-paced Viking/black metal offering that isn’t too strong on the vocals and also offers some melody to create a cold, dark feel to the song.  One of the strongest tracks on the album is “Black Sun’s Bane,” which is a five minute acoustic interlude (with a guitar solo that fits within the song’s structure) that could easily be mistaken for a straight European folk song.  In fact, the acoustic parts of the album are the strongest on the album that has much going for it.  The two longest tracks on the album, “Eternal Return” and “Godsaga,” is Sig:Ar:Tyr combining the two halves of their sound (acoustic folk and Viking/black metal) to create some of the more fascinating songs on the album, both of which do so without having to get too aggressive in its sound or its vocals.  The slow pace of the album may not be suitable for all people, especially those who have little patience, but those who can appreciate a song with a well thought-out plan and the commitment to carry it out as planned should look to Godsaga for an example of how to make a great album.
The beginnings of Sig:Ar:Tyr that can be heard on Sailing the Seas of Fate manifest itself into a more complete sound that is heard on Godsaga.  The project has always had solid acoustic sounds, but that is more evident on the most recent album.  Now, the metal part of the equation is starting to catch up, which means Sig:Ar:Tyr is just now reaching its potential.  Godsaga is the band’s best effort yet, and it could very well be eclipsed on the next album.
Metal Psalter

(90/100) One-man-projects in the black metal scene always have my genuine attention. I still remember my sudden fascination for Myrkgrav, right before leaving to Germany to celebrate their tenth anniversary in 2006. Well, this musical project of the Canadian Daemonskald invokes the same feeling with me. A man on his own, producing magnificent sounds. He formed SIG:AR:TYR in 2003 with the intention to create dark ambient. This is not dark ambient; then I would not enjoy it that much. This is compelling and mainly mid-paced to slow pagan metal with any soaring Pink Floyd flavours and amazing acoustic fragments, sounding as sonorous as a lovely brooklet in Canadian vast nature. But black metal spirit – though for some of you in slow motion – prevails! ‘Godsaga’ is the third album of SIG:AR:TYR, a kind of weird name indicating having mythology as main topic in the heroic lyrics. Songs are interwoven with acoustic guitar sounds, evoking images of pure nature. ‘Nights All Nine’ is nothing more than entering the temple, atmospheric and immaculate. Respectful chants honour Odin, a fan of acoustic guitar sounds is scattered over our heads. ‘Midwinter Sacrifice’ includes the first drawn-out black metal sounds. This song is ultra epic; its monumental grandness is mirrored in majestic riffs and rough vocals. A magnificent guitar solo meanders between them repetitive riffs. ‘Blood Of The North’ takes its strength of a bunch of acoustic notes against compelling black metal. A long glide of one sole note flies over our heads during ‘Black Suns Bane’. This is a slow song – yet very captivating – with later on an electrified guitar solo. As fan of the genre you will recognize some familiar patterns of the pagan metal genre. For instance, in the nine minutes long ‘Eternal Return’ pop up some influences in the vein of Primordial’s rich heritage. The transition of acoustic guitars to pagan metal brimming with momentum will enchant many of you. The lightly acoustic intro of ‘Sleep Of The Sword’ evolves once more into compelling black metal areas, but loose chords and a great solo make this above par. And there comes more, since ‘Sonatorrek’ turns into a real gem with acoustic and electric guitars that make your flesh creep. And the epic that gave its name to the album, ‘Godsaga’ is a stunner again. By bringing in some arcane whisperings on a bed of severe synths with ruffling drums, they build up tension. Tight acoustic guitar notes create a mysterious aura. Some kind of mars rhythms and sweet organ sounds lead towards a bitter part full of despair. All pain and desperation is screamed out until the serene ‘Distant Northern Shore’ smoothens it with Pink Floyd allied peacefulness. ‘Godsaga’ is an expressive piece of art; it makes you sense pure nature in a genuine manner. Amazing!
Lords of Metal ezine

(79/100) Canada’s SIG:AR:TYR is the work of one man, Daemonskald, but lest that put you off, it’s a project which neatly side-steps all of the usual clichés of a solo operation. “Godsaga” is the third full-length to emerge over a career spanning nearly eight years, so this isn’t your standard, over-prolific self-indulgence. Furthermore, the finished product is beautiful, with a marked amount of thought obviously having been put into the arrangement of the tracks and the presentation of the artwork.
Musically, SIG:AR:TYR peddles a folkish, pagan type of metal, with plenty of references to Odin, ravens, wolves, ships and the northern stars. Tracks such as “Midwinter Sacrifice” have a muscular, almost dark rock kind of a tone, and plenty of the guitar work elsewhere is warm and heroic, unafraid of catchiness or drama. Still, “Godsaga” is also possessed of some fraught moments, and “Sleep of the Sword” and “Sonatorrek” have a grand sadness to them. Additionally, on this release Daemonskald has opted for quite a harsh, rasping vocal, which is a fabulously serious balance to any features the folk-cynic may find over-the-top.
As on previous releases, the acoustic layer that weaves through the whole record, and is especially prominent on tracks such as “Blood of the North” and “Sonatorrek”, is both vital to SIG:AR:TYR’s sound and incredibly pleasing to listen to; the soft but sure layer on the aforementioned “Blood” sounds like something Frostmoon Eclipse might pen, whilst the acoustic break on the title track is rich and full of feeling. Combining this clean and folky aspect with the more heroic riffs, and the grand structures such as the one which grows into “Black Sun’s Bane”, is a fine balancing act, and Daemonskald pulls it off with skill and taste.
“Godsaga” is a bold, modern take on a well-worn sub-genre; you’ll see Bathory mentioned in passing by many of Daemonskald’s commentators, but on this album at least, there’s no dated hero-worship. While some elements are a little predictable, the album has great variety, and some really memorable moments, particularly when in full stride on the long, full-blooded “Eternal Return”. This is a release which has had every detail painstakingly perfected; congratulations to Daemonskald on his remarkable vision.
Ellen Simpson
Hierophant Nox

I had the chance to listen to and review the previous albums released by SIG:AR:TYR, so it was a pleasure to get a chance to do the same with this new album. Daemonskald is the sole captain behind this Viking ship.
On Godsaga, the artist took all the winning elements from the earlier material and brought them to the next level. The songwriting has matured; the feel is darker, without compromising the melodious and epic feel. This new release is based upon the tales of Egil's saga as well as Odin's sacrifice on Yggdrasil. While the darker, harsher and crunchier tones are more present, Daemonskald keeps on using the organic sound produced by acoustic guitars. This greatly appreciated instrument always comes in handy to bring up the atmospheric, epic, folkloric or harmonious level in music. As a matter of fact, you'll find four instrumentals to appreciate the guitar sound even more, as well as some nice ambient keyboards: "Nights All Nine", "Black Sun Bane", "Sonatorrek" and "Distant Northern Shore". There are also quite a few of those long musical breaks throughout the opus. Don't go about thinking the vocals are bad, not at all and either his rasps nor epic chant are what you'd expect to hear in folk/Viking metal.
Godsaga is the best artistic work from SIG:AR:TYR so far and this act only gets better with every release. A no brainer for the folk/Viking metal fans out there!
Pagan Shadow - review from The Metal Crypt

(10/10) Viking/Pagan Metal erobert die Welt. Langsam aber sicher. Schleichend aber unaufhaltsam. Das beliebte Genre befindet sich seit ein paar Jahren auf einem globusumfassenden Siegeszug. Bands wie Moonsorrow oder auch Finntroll, Humppa hin oder her, feiern international große Erfolge und ebneten einen Pfad für zahllose Nachahmer. Qualitativ schwanken diese aber deutlich zwischen toll und absolut belanglos und peinlich. Logische Konsequenz: man gewöhnt sich an den einst so erfrischenden und revolutionären Sound. Das Genre verstumpft sich im Alltag. Doch es ist immer wieder schön eine authentische, ernstzunehmende Neuentdeckung zu machen. Wie zum Beispiel SIG:AR:TYR.
Doch, Moment mal. Wer oder was ist SIG:AR:TYR? Nun, hinter dem Pseudonym verbirgt sich ein weiteres Pseudonym. Nämlich ein Typ namens Daemonskald. Ein Kanadier. Quasi aus dem Norden des Nordens. Das Konzept für dieses Projekt entstand im Jahre 2003, die Zielstellung: harte, mystisch-atmosphärische Musik ohne die üblichen Metalinstrumente. Thematisch sollte alles um die Geschichte und Mythologie von Nordeuropa handeln. 2003 erschien das Demo "The Stranger", rein akustisch und noch schwerer aufzutreiben als die Alben. Doch bald fand auch die E-Gitarre ihren Weg in den Kosmos von SIG:AR:TYR und auf die Alben "Sailing The Seas Of Fate" und "Beyond The North Winds". Doch dazu später...
Gegenstand dieser Rezension ist das letztjährige, aktuelle Opus "Godsaga". Thematisch wird dieses Mal die Saga von Egil und Yggdrasil unter die Lupe genommen. Musikalisch handelt es sich bei "Godsaga" um das bisher härteste und epischste Album der Ein-Mann-Armee. Und um einen Rundumschlag der musikalischen Finesse. Daemonskald präsentiert sich auf den vorliegenden 56 Minuten so facettenreich dass die Konkurrenz mit offenen Mündern in der Ecke liegt. Hymnenliebhaber werden von "Midwinter Sacrifice" in eine ferne Welt entführt. Hier manifestiert sich auch eine der großen Stärken von SIG:AR:TYR: das Gitarrenspiel. fantastische Leads und knackige Riffs geben einen harschen aber harmonischen Ton an. Die Produktion ist trocken und bietet dennoch genug Dramatik für Epikliebhaber. Und, ja, der Vergleich mit den anfangs genannten Bands hinkt gewaltig, die Stilrichtungen sind doch sehr verschieden.
Warum aber finden SIG:AR:TYR so wenig Beachtung? An der musikalischen Qualität kann es nicht liegen. Sicher fehlt hier die große Promotion aber andererseits: will ich überhaupt dass SIG:AR:TYR bekannt werden? Würde dann nicht viel Charme und Feeling verloren gehen? Nennt man wohl Zwickmühle. Egal, wer vom gesichtslosen Pagan-Quatsch genug hat bekommt von Daemonskald eine leidenschaftliche Darbietung musikalischer Perfektion. Und wer die Platte sich original zulegen will: Viel Glück!
SIG:AR:TYR sind ein Mythos. Ein erfrischend frisches Album voller Leidenschaft und Energie nach dem nächsten. Mit "Godsaga" erreichen sie ihren vorläufigen Höhepunkt der so ziemlich alle Genreplatten der letzten Jahre in die Tasche steckt.
Enrico K -

(9.5/10) Hay veces, muy pocas veces en realidad, que uno consigue callar el torbellino que siempre fluye por su cabeza, cargado de preocupaciones, notas mentales, proyectos y demás acontecimientos cotidianos, y por un momento, por breve que sea, trascenderse a uno mismo, a su vida imperfecta, y volar. Esa esencia la podemos encontrar en la niñez misma de nuestra raza, con sus inigualables representaciones pictóricas, mitos y leyendas, antes del surgimiento de las religiones organizadas y los crimines horrendos que las acompañaron y acompañan. Antes de la televisión, de los efectos especiales, de los videojuegos, los hombres se sentaban bajo las estrellas y soñaban, y compartían sus sueños con otros hombres, y el sueño colectivo, esa representación onírica de la realidad y compartida por cientos, miles de mentes, devenía en el Panteón griego, en el épico Ragnarok de los vikingos, los Vedas hinduistas, el Gilgamesh sumerio. A su lado, Avatar y su 3D es fuego de artificio para lobotomizados culturales. Digo todo esto porque hace poco, en una escapada a los Pirineos, y mientras miraba la noche estrellada bajo un frío seco y cortante, me puse este álbum en el reproductor por primera vez, y tanto su música como el contexto en el que me encontraba se conjuraron para acercarme a aquellos hombres primitivos y maravillosos que soñaban y contaban historias. Durante una hora soñé y me maravillé con mis propias historias, todo gracias a un disco al que necesito ahora devolverle el favor hablando de sus bondades, que son muchas.
Sig:Ar:Tyr es el proyecto personal de Daemonskald, un músico canadiense enamorado de la historia del norte de Europa, principalmente sus raíces paganas y las simbologías adoptadas para representarlas. El nombre de la banda está compuesto por las palabras Sig, que en inglés primitivo significa Sol, la runa germana Ar que expresa el estado intermedio entre las fuerzas del Orden y las del Caos (el mundo de los hombres), y Tyr, el dios de los cielos original en la mitología nórdica, antes de que surgiera Odín. La conjunción de las tres palabras expresa las fuerzas del caos, el equilibrio y el orden que forman parte de la existencia. En 2003 aparece su primer trabajo, la demo The Stranger, que se apoyaba únicamente en el sonido de una guitarra acústica junto a la historia sobre un encuentro místico con Odín. Las críticas fueron muy buenas, lo que se tradujo en la firma con el sello Morbid Winter Records. El primer LP, titulado Sailing The Seas Of Fate, se publica en 2005, cosechando alabanzas por su peculiar mezcla de pasajes acústicos a la guitarra con el metal pagano. Esta vez la historia es la de la batalla entre la cultura vikinga y el cristianismo. Pero su consagración llegaría en 2008, con la publicación de Beyond The North Winds, una vuelta de tuerca más al sonido de Sig:Ar:Tyr y que entra de cabeza en gran parte de las listas de lo mejor del año. Por lo tanto muy grandes eran las expectativas respecto a Godsaga, que vió la luz en Mayo de este año.
Godsaga es el mejor álbum de Sig:Ar:Tyr hasta la fecha, y lo digo completamente convencido. Beyond The North Winds era un disco excelente, de lo mejor que dió el folk metal la pasada década. Pero Godsaga es simplemente inmenso, como el árbol Yggdrasil del que colgó Odín durante nueve días para adquirir sabiduría, y que junto a la saga de Egil forman el esqueleto narrativo del álbum. Una hora de música que trasciende lo meramente humano y que con una sensibilidad abrumadora nos acerca la concepción nórdica de la pérdida y el sacrificio. Una joya única que comienza con la furia blacker de Midwinter Sacrifice y la espectacular Blood Of The North, pero que de improviso te regala la instrumental Black Sun's Bane y cuando te quieres dar cuenta estás rendido a los pies de Godsaga con los ojos empañados ante tanta belleza. El dominio que Daemonskald tiene de la acústica es absoluto, y los pasajes reposados del álbum son obras maestras en sí mismas, y no sólo momentos de respiro para prepararse para otro ataque de furia. En general, el canadiense demuestra que es un guitarrista soberbio, ya que además de la acústica, sus solos en la eléctrica son sobresalientes. Una escucha al que este señor despliega en Eternal Return y sabrás de lo que hablo. Estamos ante lo que es un paso más en la evolución de un talento excepcional, un proceso que muchos hemos observado atónitos y regocijándonos ante cada nuevo lanzamiento. Con Godsaga, Daemonskald ha consegudio desmarcarse de todos sus compañeros de viaje dentro del folk/pagan metal, porque ni siquiera Týr consiguen conjugar con tanta maestría metal y ambient acústico como el canadiense. Y de paso ha creado una maravilla que puede enamorar a un espectro muy amplio de personas, desde el amante del ambient, al del folk y al blacker de miras anchas. Yo sólo doy gracias a los Aesires por haber inspirado a este señor para componer música, por ser, aunque sea durante una hora, el catalizador de mis sueños.
Sencillamente un trabajo mágico.
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Ecos de R’lyeh (Spanish)

(9.5/10) Es curioso, la mayoría de bandas de Folk Metal, influenciadas por esa temática también en sus letras, suelen llegarnos de Europa, más concretamente de Escandinavia pero aquí tenemos una excepción, SIG:AR:TYR, una banda canadiense formada por la mente de un único componente: Daemskold el cual, además de las voces, se encarga de toda la instrumentación. Posiblemente, especialmente a los que no estén familiarizados con el género, no les resultará familiar este nombre pero este "Godsaga" no es ni mucho menos el debut de SIG:AR:TYR, sino que supone su tercer trabajo de larga duración. Anteriormente han editado "Sailing the Seas of Fate" y "Beyond the North Winds", cada uno con un enfoque muy distinto pero ambos mateniendo palpable la gran influencia Folk. Y así lo mantiene también en este "Godsaga", inspirado en la saga de Egil Skallagrimsson y el sacrificio de Odín en Yggdrasil de hecho, el título del compacto se refiere a los 9 días que estuvo Odín colgando del árbol. Pero, dejándonos de letras e inspiraciones varias, vayamos a lo musical. Podríamos decir que este trabajo es la culminación de este proyecto, ya que Daemonskald ha tomado los mejores elementos de sus dos obras previas y los ha combinado para hacer el disco más oscuro y potente que ha lanzado hasta la fecha. Este plástico nos devuelve la energía y potencia que encontramos en su anterior "Beyond the North Winds", especialmente en las guitarras distorsionadas y, cómo no, los grandes pasajes que pueden llegar a recordarnos a ULVER pero, también, nos aporta parte de la melodía que tuvo su primer CD. Encontramos siempre grandes atmósferas y enormes pasajes, así como mucha melodía, partes Folk acústicas que remarcan una vez más la personalidad del grupo y guitarras eléctricas pesadas que destacan junto a la voz que resulta siempre tan pasional. Las guitarras van tanto de eléctricas "metaleras" que ayudan a crear una atmósfera helada como para lanzar algunos riffs melódicos tanto eléctricos como acústicas y encajan a la perfección con los ritmos galopantes de la batería. Más que un grupo más de tantos que hay de Folk Metal, parece una auténtica historia de Folk tocada con instrumentos comtemporáneos. Sin duda, bastante más Folk que Metal. Todo el plástico se podría considerar una especie de viaje, con atmósferas y matices tan diversos que crean distintas emociones en el oyente, tiene momentos álgidos como en "Eternal Return" o partes más oscuras como podemos encontrar en "Sleep of the Sword", mostrando siempre un nuevo aspecto dentru de su temática. Sin ningún tipo de duda, Daemonskald no ha vuelto a crear un álbum excelente, sino una obra de arte de Folk Metal como hacía tiempo que no escuchábamos, muy a la altura de piezas consagradas dentro del género. Además, cabe añadir el esfuerzo e interés de la mente tras SIG:AR:TYR que ha demostrado encontrar más pasión en la mitlogía nórdica que muchas bandas que predican este tipo de letras y así logra también demostrarlo con su música y unas increíbles composiciones.
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Queens of Steel (Spanish)

(75/100) Credo che le foreste canadesi possano essere, alla stregua di quelle norvegesi, grande fonte di ispirazione per le band provenienti dall’immenso paese del nord America. Di sicuro deve essere stato cosi anche per Daemonskald, factotum di questi impronunciabili SIG:AR:TYR, che con questo lavoro (il terzo della discografia), ci narra un po’ di vicende inerenti la mitologia nordica, attraverso un sound che, rifacendosi a quello dei Bathory più epici, ci consente di chiudere gli occhi ed immergerci con la fantasia, in mondi lontani, dove epiche battaglie, a suon di spade brandite nell’aria, si consumavano selvaggiamente. Non vorrei essere fuorviante però, non vorrei che immaginaste la musica dei nostri come una sorta di black epico, che faccia della furia il proprio credo, in quanto quello che scorre nei 57 minuti di questa release, ci offre invece un sound estremamente cadenzato, che non cede mai alla tentazione di cavalcate brutali, ma che invece propone tenui melodie impregnate di uno spirito tipicamente pagano. Ecco, provo a richiudere gli occhi e ciò che mi si para davanti è questa volta lo sfondo dei megaliti di Stonehenge e dei druidi che vi praticavano antichi rituali occulti: non saprei spiegarvi il motivo, ma la strumentale “Black Sun’s Bane” rievoca in me queste ataviche immagini. Con la successiva “Eternal Return”, sono gli echi dei Primordial più melodici e cupi ad emergere e se non fosse per quella voce rauca, priva della epicità dei Bathory o del growling possente di act più estremi, che rischia di essere la sola nota dolente di questo lavoro a causa della sua scarsa incisività, il voto sarebbe stato sicuramente più elevato. Poco importa tuttavia, anche perché ampio respiro viene lasciato alla musica, che alternandosi fra mid tempo di stampo vichingo, eleganti parti acustiche (di reminiscenza Agalloch) e fenomenali assoli di chiaro stampo classico (fantastica “Sleep of the Sword” a tal riguardo), relega decisamente in secondo piano la perfomance vocale del mastermind Daemonskald, che peraltro in questa terza opera ha dismesso del tutto l’uso delle clean vocals. La proposta del combo dell’Ontario tuttavia mi soddisfa e non poco; certo non propone nulla di particolarmente originale o che potrà rimanere negli annali della storia della musica metal, ma si lascia piacevolmente ascoltare, per quel suo feeling che assume talvolta connotati magici ma sempre permeati di una uggiosa inquietudine (ascoltate “Sonatorrek” per intenderci, altro pezzo strumentale di questo appassionato cd). Concludendo, i SIG:AR:TYR proseguono il discorso iniziato con i due precedenti lavori, migliorandosi di certo a livello di songwriting, ma lasciando ancora qualche lacuna a livello di composizione e melodie; si insomma, i Primordial sono ancora su un altro pianeta, però pian piano, il nostro baldo druido, potrebbe anche avvicinarsi ai maestri irlandesi. Da ascoltare, valutare e forse acquistare. Interessanti e rilassanti!
Francesco Scarci - Pit of the Damned

(8/10) Alors que la plupart des Vikings du dimanche sont persuadés qu’il suffit de se gratter avec des peau de bêtes et de saupoudrer leur metal extrême de quelques touches un peu folkloriques pour s’assurer une place au Valhalla, Sir :Ar :Tyr, lui, a tout compris. 
Oui, son maître des lieux, Daemonskald (cheveux propre, barbe bien taillée et pas un millimètre de peau peinturlurée), a compris que c’est en puisant à la source même du genre que l’on exalte le mieux le Grand Nord, ses peuples, ses légendes, ses paysages… Pas de pipeau ou d’épée en plastique chipée au bric-à-brac d’en face, pas davantage de chœurs ridicules mais seulement – et surtout – un metal épique dont la grisante majesté est tracée par des lignes de guitares qui s’élèvent toujours très haut (« Midwinter Sacrifice »), électriques ou belles d’arpèges boisés (« Blood of the North », qui galope entre atours black metal et respirations acoustiques). 
Après avoir magnifié la beauté indomptée de la mer (Sailing the Seas of Fate) et celle des paysages nordiques (Beyond the North Waves), le Canadien puise cette fois son inspiration au cœur même de la mythologie. Godsaga s’inscrit dans la continuité de ses déjà superbes prédécesseurs, dont il recopie l’architecture. Alternant sans surprise pauses instrumentales où l’homme n’est pas sans évoquer par son jeu celui du Yngwie Malmsteen de l’âge d’or quand celui-ci était capable de feeling (« Black Sun’s Bane », « Sonatorrek », « Distant Nothern Shore », beaux comme un chat qui dort en boule) et longues échappées qui percent des ouvertures majestueuses, fenêtres ouvertes sur des forêts éternelles et séculaires (« Sleep of the Sword », « Eternal Return », « Godsaga »), le résultat est tout simplement magnifique. 
Les jamais contents argueront que Sig :Ar :Tyr se contente de reproduire une signature qui a peu évolué depuis ses débuts et dont il ne se départira sans doute jamais. Pas faux. Mais, outre le fait qu’il affiche des traits parfois plus black metal, notamment en terme de tessitures vocales, ce troisième périple irradie encore une fois des moments de pure grâce ainsi qu’une beauté quasi élégiaque (« Sonatorrek » aux lointaines influences Yearning). 
Daemonskald a fait de plus d’incontestables progrès au niveau d’une prise de son qui a gagné encore en dimension grandiose et que ne parasitent plus des claviers maigrelets. Plus que jamais, Sig :Ar :Tyr s’impose comme l’un des héritiers les plus fidèles et les plus passionnants de l’œuvre du Bathory seconde époque. Mieux, là où, le Suédois péchait parfois par une faiblesse vocale évidente, le Canadien ne souffre pas, lui, de ce défaut qui grevait tout de même par moment l’inspiration pourtant (alors) immense du défunt Quorthon. Et sans aller jusqu’à affirmer que l’élève dépasse le maître, le fait est que l’exploit n’est plus très loin de se produire. Sig :Ar :Tyr incarne tout la puissance mythologique du Grand Nord.
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Le Cercle Noir

(12/13) Kanada'lı akustik/folk metal grubu Sig:Ar:Tyr'in ismine kulaklarımız pek aşina olmasa da 7 senedir varlığını sürdüren bir oluşum olarak 2 kıyak albüm ile kulaklarımızı şenlendirmekte.
Üçüncü ele geçeli 2 aydan fazla olsa da Kabak Vadisi'ndeki yoğun iş temposu, Fransız & İtalyan bebeklere gösterdiğim özel alakadan ötürü bir türlü fırsat bulunmadı oturup full albüm dinlenmeye.
Gel gelelim yoğunluğun azaldığı şu öğlen vaktinde zeytin ve palamut ağaçlarının altında kurulu hamakta albümü baştan sona dinleyip bir kaç cümle ile aktarmak nasip, kısmet, hikmet karaman oldu.
Tek kişilik bir proje olan Sig:Ar:Tyr'in her bir nanesiyle Daemonskald kardeş ilgilenmekte. Bu tarz projelerde kişilerin iç dünyası daha yoğun hissedilebilindiği için bana daha samimi ve çekici geliyor.
Oluşumun 3. stüdyo albümü Godsaga, Mayıs ayında Morbid Winter Records tarafından piyasaya sürüldü.
Sig:Ar:Tyr'in Karanlık atmosfer, vikingli mikingli içeriğe, zaman zaman black metalvari seri gidişlere ve kaliteli scream vokale sahip bir temeli var.
Albümün çalma süresi 56:09
Toplam 9 şarkıdan oluşan albüm şarkı şarkı incelenmeyecek kadar birbirine kenetlenmiş eserlerden oluşuyor. Diğerlerine nazaran öne çıkan şarkılar Black Sun's Bane, daha blackened folk alt yapısıyla Eternal Return ve diğer şarkılara göre daha depresif bir müzikal yapıya sahip olan Godsaga albümde en hoşuma giden çalışmalar oldu.
Hissettiğim tek olumsuz yön her parçanın içine bir akustik bölüm yerleştirilmiş olması. Bunun dışında gerçekten çok keyifli (Depresiflik keyifli olur mu demeyin, oluyor) ve dolu dolu 1 saat geçirtebilecek bir albüm Godsaga. Her ne kadar Viking olaylarından fenalık gelse de kulaklarımı sözlere kapatıp sadece melodilere bıraktığımda 39 derece sıcaklıkta bile kendimi serinlemiş hissediyorum albümdeki soğuk hava ile. (Palavra, pişik olacağım neredeyse öyle sıcak)
Folk deyip geçmeyin
Bira Darkzine (Turkey)

(9/10) Een aparte naam, SIG:AR:TYR. Een Canadees eenmansproject dat in 2003 is opgezet met als doel donkere ambient muziek te maken zonder alle metalpoespas. Na wat positieve recensies en een deal met een platenlabel zijn er al één demo en twee platen uitgebracht. Samen met Godsaga komt het totaal op één demo en drie platen.
Het ambiente is gelijk te horen wanneer ik dit plaatje aanzet. Verwacht geen snoeiharde metal, maar zeer donkere, sferische en ingetogen metal met invloeden van folk. Dit qua muziek, maar ook tekstueel gezien past het perfect binnen het folk/viking metal wereldje aangezien het tekstueel over sagen als Ygdrassil gaat. Meteen denk ik aan een regenachtige dag waarbij de regendruppels op het raam tikken en het geluid van een storm op een koude dag. Muzikaal gezien kun je SIG:AR:TYR niet tot metal rekenen, maar de grunts maken er weldegelijk een donker en stiekem ook wat smerig geheel van. Zo opent Midwinter Sacrifisce nog het heftigst van allemaal. Een prachtig folky metalnummer. Tranen kreeg ik mijn ogen bij het werkelijk prachtige en ontroerende Sonatorrek. Het begint akoestisch en het progressieve is geniaal in elkaar gezet. Opbouwend naar de climax komt er langzaam een meesterlijke leadgitaar bij die mij in een soort extase brengt. Ik wil jullie het duistere Godsaga niet onthouden. Een grimmig, donker en filosofisch gevoel krijg ik erbij, en dan doe je iets goeds.
Godsaga staat vol met meesterwerken. Verwacht geen beukmetal waar je lekker op los kunt gaan, maar eerder muziek waar je een jointje bij aansteekt. Zeer ontspannend, een boel akoestische gitaren waarbij de rauwe metal afgewisseld wordt met zeer gevoelig ambient spul. Ik raad iedereen, zelfs niet-metalfans, om dit plaatje zeker te checken. Goed werk!
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Ragherrie magazine (Netherlands)

(8.5/10) SIG:AR:TYR, a one man project from Canada, not what you’d expect, a Canadian writing music based on the Northern European deities. I know what you are thinking, what does SIG:AR:TYR mean, why choose a name as such? Well, taken from the SIG:AR:TYR website, is : “Together the terms SIG:AR:TYR strung together become a formula illustrating the forces of chaos, balance, and order. Their interweaving manifest in our existence as a physical creature, brought into being in an ordered Universe, where the chaos of our souls yearn to birth, live, and die, to further its power and evolution.”
There is more indepth writings on the origin at the SIG:AR:TYR website.
“Godsaga”, the third opus from Daemonskald, the man behind Sig:A:Tyr, is a darker affair and more metal driven than the previous albums, “Sailing The Seas Of Fate” and “Beyond The North Winds”, with more black metal, raspy vocals than clean singing or narration, which is more evident on “Sailing” than “Beyond”.
The best way to describe the sound is Viking era Bathory meets Týr. Everyone should know of Bathory and if you don’t know what Týr sound like, check out their MySpace page
here. I know, MySpace is shit, but they closed down their official site see and I know you don’t download illegally.
The album starts out with an acoustic piece, with a steady drum beat, with some southing vocals, which are sung by the way not raspy like the rest of the album. Clocking in at a respectable 56 minutes, it is the longest album to date (4 and 2 minutes longer respectably). For a relatively unknown band, the production values are quite high, no instrument overpowering the other, while keeping everything just sweet enough to hear what is going on, even on an mp3 rip from the CD.
Some of the acoustic work, reminds me of Drudkh. Alot of the chord changes are quite similar, but not ripoffs. If you have heard Drudkh, particularly the album Songs of Grief and Solitude, you’ll know what I’m talking about.
If I could change any thing on “Godsaga”, I would have had the song “Godsaga” last, as it feels like an album closer. It starts out with a bit of ambiance followed by a marching time drum beat, before the guitars kick in. Also, I would have liked more narration vocals, as Daemonskald has that sort of power to his voice.

Global Domination

(8/10) Менее двух лет понадобилось канадскому музыканту Daemonskald'у, чтобы записать новый альбом. Эта пластинка продолжает воплощать идеи предыдущего релиза и отличается лишь несколько меньшей долей акустической гитары в композициях и повсеместным использованием скриминга (за исключением первого вступительного трека), что приближает группу к плеяде подобных банд, играющих в стиле atmospheric black metal. Для тех же, кто и слыхом не слыхивал об этом проекте (а таких подавляющее большинство) скажу, что основа SIG:AR:TYR - среднетемповые эпичные песни с присущей стилю монотонностью и неизменным величием и мощью, которые чувствуются во всех композициях. Основной особенностью группы, на мой взгляд, является обильное использование акустической гитары, причём не только ради размеренного боя и переборов во вступлениях, а и посреди песен, взрывающимися протяжными и сложными соло. И, естественно, инструментальные треки тоже не обходятся без этого инструмента, обладатель которого владеет немалым мастерством в сочинительстве и извлечении из него звуков. Из наиболее именитых аналогов выделил бы ирландцев PRIMORDIAL и украинцев DRUDKH.
В общем, стоит сказать, что не лучшая работа в дискографии, но весьма и весьма достойная. Ценителям стиля - к прослушиванию в добровольно-принудительном порядке, остальным - как получится.
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Darkside.ru (Russia)

O Daemonskald είναι ο καναδός μουσικός πίσω από το παρουσιαζόμενο άλμπουμ και κατά δήλωσή του η σύνθεση λέξεων του ονόματος εκφράζει το χάος, την ισορροπία και την τάξη. Αυτή είναι η τρίτη του κυκλοφορία και εδώ πραγματεύεται τις στιγμές του Όντιν στο Υγκντράσιλ. Όπως αντιλαμβάνεστε, εμπνέεται από τη βορειοευρωπαϊκή μυθολογία, τον παγανισμό και το υλικό του ακούγεται επικό, παραδοσιακό, πολύ όμορφο και ατμοσφαιρικό. Τα φωνητικά έχουν μια ελαφρά black χροιά, αλλά δεν είναι αυτά που χαρακτηρίζουν τις συνθέσεις. Σπάνια κάποιος λειτουργεί τόσο σωστά και αποτελεσματικά μόνος του. Σε αυτή τη δουλειά μπορείτε να ακούσετε μερικά πραγματικά ενδιαφέροντα κομμάτια, που αποπνέουν σοβαρή δημιουργική διάθεση, ιδίως αυτά με την ακουστική κιθάρα. Μουσική υποβλητική σε στιγμές, χωρίς μεγάλες ταχύτητες και μακριά από κραυγαλέες τυπικότητες, αποπνέει εκείνη την αίσθηση της έκθεσης στην ομορφιά της φύσης, μεταδίδει την ηρεμία του παγωμένου τοπίου και, κυρίως, δίνει την ευκαιρία της στοχαστικής απόδρασης εκεί.
Flight of Pegasus (Greek)
[English Translation]

(75/100) Folk Metal is an interesting sub-genre of Heavy Metal, if not for its polarizing nature then for its wide range of interpretations. There's happier, bouncier stuff such as Korpiklaani and Turisas, epic and proud Black Metal-tinted bands such as Månegarm and Moonsorrow, whatever Finntroll is, and all other sorts in between. Ensiferum is different from Kampfar which is different from Storm etc. etc. Despite this, quite a few Metal listeners have nothing but spite for Folk Metal, stereotyping all of it as fluff, when it is actually more varied than possibly any other sub-genre. As far as uniqueness goes, SIG:AR:TYR is not a bad example of how diverse Folk Metal can be.
For those who haven't heard of this solo project, SIG:AR:TYR is a cross between acoustic folk music, dark ambient, and a healthy dose of Heavy Metal guitars and drum work. The first half of mastermind Daemonskald's career was very much acoustic-centric, with very little electric guitar coming into play (the demo was entirely acoustic and ambient). However, on 2008's Beyond the North Winds, more and more Metal influence began to creep into the band's sound. Godsaga is the next logical step, upping the Metal to even greater extremes, occasionally touching the realms of Black Metal on a few riffs. The vocals also got a leg-up into the Metal world by being mostly a harsh rasp.
However, I must say that of all of SIG:AR:TYR's albums, this may be the hardest for me to review. I desperately wanted to love this album. It has all the elements to be Daemonskald's masterwork: the culmination of nearly a decade of honing his very own, entirely unique brand of music to a fine point. I just can not in good conscious give this album the praise it likely deserves. Perhaps if I had fresh ears and hadn't spun the previous albums so many times I would be falling all over this. But I must admit that this band is starting to lose its appeal for me. All the riffs both distorted and acoustic are starting to blend together into one big mass of slow-to-mid-paced plodding, the drum work is sounding trite and lazy, and the vocals seem like nigh-on whisper-screaming.
Don't let my tiredness of this band discourage you from looking into this release, however! Since it is not very well-known, this might be your first contact with this band, so I urge you to give it a listen. For one, it is epic as all hell. I mentioned that the pace is a little slow, but it suits the music perfectly. From the thick distortion and beautiful collection of notes to the tribal and sometimes warlike drums, this album is quite the spectacle to behold. When the riffs approach Black Metal territory, you can hear Daemonskald either consciously or unconsciously channeling Primordial's later works into anthems of sorrowful pride. Godsaga's best moments, in my opinion, are when the ethereal, melodic Black Metal riffs swirl together and serenely connect notes in a lofty, godlike manner. Though these moments are rare, they do push the album over the edge to a higher status. When in the correct mood to enjoy this album to its fullest, you can hear echoes of sub-genre greats like the aforementioned Primordial and the immortal Bathory and Windir.
So what is the bottom line? For me, this might be the last SIG:AR:TYR album I can enjoy to its fullest extent. Unless Daemonskald starts to inject quite a bit more variety in style and pacing, the next time he releases new material I might not look so favorably upon it. If, however, this is your first contact with the band, I wholeheartedly recommend Godsaga to fans of Black/Folk/Viking Metal. This album might not ascend to the level the genre's masters, but it will likely entertain you quite a bit. My quote is 75 for people who have heard previous material by the band, but everyone else should feel free to add 10 points to that for a more accurate representation.
Metal Reviews

(72/100) Terzo disco per la one-man band canadese SIG:AR:TYR, che continua il suo percorso artistico incentrato su temi lirici d'origine mitologica e vichinga, commentando i propri brani anche con citazioni prese dall'Hávamál (parte dell'Edda poetica) o dalla Egils saga, una delle più apprezzate saghe islandesi, il cui personaggio principale campeggia anche sulla copertina del disco.
“Godsaga” è un album che si pone in continuità, non solo lirica ma anche musicale, con quanto presentato da Daemonskald nei due dischi precedenti: un Viking Metal che ha i suoi punti di riferimento nell'epicità di Bathory, nella cupezza dei Primordial e nelle influenze acustiche delle ballate di Falkenbach. Si tratta di un sound ancorato alla tradizione Metal, di grande equilibrio: le frequenti sezioni acustiche, i tempi rilassati, gli assoli ben ponderati lo mantengono legato all'Epic, mentre la voce roca e l'atmosfera greve e oscura lo avvicinano a lidi più legati al Pagan Metal d'estrazione estrema. Rispetto a “Beyond the North Winds” (2008), si è nuovamente ridotto lo spazio riservato all'impostazione vocale pulita, qui presente quasi esclusivamente nella ballata introduttiva “Nights All Nine” – altrove in “Godsaga” è uno screaming rauco e soffocato a condurre i giochi, cosa che conferisce al disco un'aria più tetra e ombrosa rispetto al suo immediato predecessore. Ad allentare la tensione sono i vari spezzoni strumentali del disco, quali “Black Sun's Bane” e “Sonatorrek” ad esempio: quiete evoluzioni di chitarra acustica emergono da foschi sfondi corali (sintetizzati), infine lasciando – la maggior parte delle volte – spazio ad un piacevole assolo di chitarra elettrica, come da tradizione SIG:AR:TYR. La diarchia tra chitarra acustica ed elettrica continua quindi ad essere, come sempre, il fondamento del suono del progetto canadese: è un meccanismo che funziona ottimamente, grazie anche alla buona padronanza degli strumenti ma, in generale, “Godsaga” non ha nulla di nuovo da offrire rispetto a quanto già fatto sentire nei due full-length precedenti, conservando praticamente tutti i tratti distintivi di “Beyond the North winds” (che quindi rimane, per chi scrive, il migliore dei tre episodi) e “Sailing the Seas of Fate” senza aggiungere niente di rilevante.
Il crescendo tecnico-compositivo culminato con l'album del 2008 sembra essere insomma arrivato ad un momento di stallo con questo “Godsaga”, indubbiamente piacevole e sicuramente buono ma mancante di particolari progressi rispetto a quanto già prodotto in passato. Piuttosto che avanzare ulteriormente, difatti, il polistrumentista canadese ha scelto di sintetizzare in questa sua nuova release le varie caratteristiche del suo progetto, tornando ai toni più tenebrosi del debutto (le considerazioni fatte sull'impostazione vocale) e compattando i brani acustici in maniera migliore rispetto a quanto fatto sul secondo album, dando a “Godsaga” grande unità e coesione (com'è giusto che sia, visto che si tratta di un concept-album) ma anche sfruttando le migliorie nel songwriting che “Beyond...” aveva apportato all'ancora acerbo suono di “Sailing...”.
Questo terzo album dei SIG:AR:TYR è quindi consigliato agli amanti della band (comunque pochi rispetto alla bontà della proposta del gruppo e in relazione alla qualità media del settore) e a chi apprezza a fondo il genere senza ancora conoscere il progetto di Daemonskald.
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Gioele Nasi - Rockline.it (Italy)